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Visions and Values Winners


Ellen Stephens

Ellen worked hard with Sion to ensure that all the Christmas client gifts were well presented and completed/issued in time. This involved staying late in work together to make sure all deliveries were scheduled and sent out correctly. The company received numerous amounts of feedback from clients not only to thank us for the gifts but also to thank us for our hard work and support we provided them with in 2017.


Sion Jones

Sion has hit the ground running as our new surveyor when considering he is from outside of this industry. He has thrown himself into the work and picked up all aspects of Surveying in quite a short time. He has demonstrated an excellent attitude from his training, to his flexibility and ‘can do’ attitude and hopefully shown us the beginning of what might be a very successful future in this industry.


Stephen Piggott

Steve took it upon himself to create a new standardised formatting process for the surveyors on site notes. This standardised body will allow surveyors to collect all the information required whilst on site then making it easier and more efficient for office staff to understand and process, this will then also mean in time we can eliminate the use of paper and make everything be processed digitally. Steve also designed a new HSEQ performance tracker making the information provided to Jess is in a better format making it easier to calculate each month.


Gavin Edwards

Gavin has taken on the DTQs smoothly and efficiently, embracing the challenge of a new role very well. Gavin has very professionally contacted customer to book in the Site Visit and communicated well with Scottish Power also to ensure all bookings are processed smoothly with no fuss. Gavin has took up this process with ease and required little input from colleagues meaning that Steve has been able to spend more time on the LV side of work and Ellen has been able to take on Business Support tasks.


Rod Jones

Rod has supported Chris by amending the audit tool so that this is now accessible on a tablet so that when Chris goes out on site to audit the CBA work by the surveyors it is done more efficiently rather than using a pen and paper. Road has also made changes to the sickness tracker used by Jess and Chris by combining a lot of features which were previously separate and adding/improving calculations making the use of the tracker easier and more useful.  In addition due to Sion leaving Rod has taken on other IT type jobs with no complaint and supported colleagues around him with any issue they have.