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Visions and Values Winners

This Quarters Winners for the PBS Vison and Values Nominations are:



                                                                 Rod Jones

Rod has made an invaluable contribution over the past few months, staying late on multiple occasions to ensure that targets and deadlines are met, and also assisting colleagues with prep work for important meetings. Rod’s flexible approach has made it more possible to meet client deadlines and maintain successful day-to-day running of the business, which gives PBS a greater chance of retaining existing work and winning more work in the future. Rod sets a great example to other staff of how to go above and beyond the normal call of duty.



                                                                   Chris Smart 

Chris recently joined PBS and immediately took a professional approach to his role as HSEQ Manager. Chris made an effort to get to know all staff and this has allowed him to settle in seamlessly and begin addressing challenges faced by staff in a very professional and thorough way. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience, which he demonstrated by leading our recent audit with Achilles UVDB, attaining the best scores for PBS to date despite Chris having only been at PBS for just over one week. His professional approach has already improved our management systems and Chris already has ideas to continue improving our processes in the months to come.



                                                                   Sion Pringle 

Sion has also only recently joined PBS, and already understands the need for PBS staff to be innovative in order to ensure we are working efficiently and profitably. Sion’s ideas have included an automated reminder to on-site staff to check in and out each day using their PBS Lone Worker app, and also Sion has found and set up a new fuel card arrangement which should save the money a significant sum over 12 months.



                                                                  Jess Blacknell 

Jess has worked tirelessly over the last few months to migrate PBS’s accounts onto the popular Sage platform. In order to do this smoothly, Jess has been collaborating effectively with Sage’s support department, with our consultant who arranged the initial set-up, and with our new 3rd party telephone consultancy service. Jess’s ability to collaborate effectively has meant that this process is now almost complete and the business can enjoy a more efficient and accurate accounting process going forward, which will free up time to focus on other aspects of the business.



                                                                  Ellen Stephens 

Ellen already has a reputation for being happy to accept tasks from various colleagues, but she recently exceeded all expectations by carrying out the duties of three colleagues when an unavoidable combination of staff absences occurred. Ellen completed these tasks without issue, and then carried out a thorough hand-over when staff returned, which meant that all parties were able to resume work smoothly and ensure that day to day operations continued with minimal disruption during and after the absences.