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We offer a number of services within the utilities and construction sectors. If you think you can benefit from any of the below services, or would like to find out more about how we can support you or your employers, please get in touch.

Overhead Line Surveying

A big part of PBS Utility Services success comes from employing the right people to deliver a flexible and reliable service. Our team have a variety of qualifications that allow us to meet different clients’ needs, to ensure that every project is approached in its own unique way. PBS Utility Service ...

Asset Signage & Labelling

PBS Utility Services are pleased to announce we have commenced pole labelling work for  in the Norwich area - we are looking forward to providing support on this contract for the next 2+ years!

Construction Support

PBS Utility Services Ltd offer a specialist service to DNOs and Framework Contractors alike, affording access to a carefully selected range of top-quality sub-contractors to ensure that your maintenance and construction work is carried out efficiently, safely and at the right price. Rather than rely ...

OHL Asset Strategy

As Electricity DNOs move from one regulatory Cycle into another, their measurable, priorities and KPIs naturally ebb and flow, as they do with any company. At PBS Utility Services we have a unique overview of the entire overhead line maintenance industry and are therefore able to offer bespoke consultancy services to help companies maximise the efficiency of their work from the outset. 

Pole Depth Testing

At various stages in the last 60 years, electricity wood poles have been installed in the UK without a ‘birth mark’ (aka scarf mark).

Other Services

A lot of our success has come from completing jobs that our clients either don’t like to do or can’t do for various reasons. If you have a challenging project, or the requirement for a short-term service, we are able to deliver both pro-active and re-active solutions that will ensure your company or ...