Recently we have been made aware of Poles located inside the boundary lines/fences of the railway lines.

This area of land is classified as ‘the lineside’ and requires a permit and specialist training/authorisation. Remember, when you are lone working you should never take any unnecessary risks.

The priorities of first aid are to prevent the casualty’s condition from getting any worse, allow some time for an evacuation to medical professionals…. and potentially to save a life!

‘Safe Working’ guidelines set out by PBS are to be followed by all employees during and after storm conditions.

PBS have also had a large number of tyre issues recently. Vehicular hazards must be considered at all times.

You are required by law to have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm in a continuous band around the central three quarters of the tyre. To help you judge how much tread you have on your tyres, manufacturers often mould tread bars at roughly 1.6mm.