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Asset Signage & Labelling

PBS Utility Services Ltd are currently working in partnership with UK Power Networks (UKPN) to renumber over 140,000 wood poles in their Eastern Power Region. Working on 33kV, 11kV and Low Voltage networks, the project involves affixing new number plates to each asset, taking photographs and recording various items of data which enable UKPN to update their asset database.

The number plates display a QR code which allows members of the public and operatives working on the network to obtain important information about the pole in the event that they need to report any faults or urgent safety issues.

We are managing a large team of directly-employed operatives and handling a large amount of data every day, to ensure we achieve the ambitious targets and milestones we have agreed with UKPN. Contact us for more information if you have a similar project and would benefit from our experience of delivering projects like this.