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OHL Asset Strategy

As Electricity DNOs move from one Regulatory Cycle into another, their measurables, priorities and KPIs naturally ebb and flow, as they do with any company. At PBS Utility Services we have a unique overview of the entire overhead line maintenance industry, afforded through the vast number of services we provide which are intrinsically linked to the preparation, delivery, audit and analysis of this work. We are therefore able to offer bespoke consultancy services to help companies maximise the efficiency of their work from the outset. The elements which we can advise on are:

  • Adjustment of refurbishment specifications to be consistent with regulator-prescribed priorities
  • Improvements to surveying processes in order to capture all opportunities which can help deliver these priorities
  • Adjustment of work schemes to identify non-essential expensive work and replace with optimised alternatives
  • Accurate and efficient management of pre and post-data
  • Authoritative distribution of work leading
  • Effective management of approved delivery partners
  • Thorough audit systems and analysis of performance trends

If you are interested in any of the above services, be it either on a short-term consultancy basis or long-term partnership agreement, please don’t hesitate to get in touch so we can arrange an exploratory meeting at no cost and with no obligation to accept.