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LV Surveying

We have an experienced team of surveyors who are able to identify and provide solutions for ESQCR defects on low voltage networks and propose modernisation work according to any spec prescribed by any DNO nationwide. 

Our particular strengths include:

  • ESQCR Solutions
  • Full Modernisation
  • New Connections
  • Alterations for Customers

We will manage and execute the survey from start to finish, in order to deliver the following to our clients:

  • Details of Existing Assets
  • Details of any ESQCR Defects or Other Hazards
  • Proposed Solution Priced by a Schedule of Rates
  • Materials List for Recommended Work (whether free-issue, paid or both)
  • Work Maps with Clean Annotation
  • Breakdown of Any Claimable OFGEM ED1 Allowances
  • Stage 1 Risk Assessment

Our aim is to provide a full suite of documents which are immediately ready to be presented for DNO authorisation. We pride ourselves on the high standard & efficiency of our work, and we also understand the huge importance of maintaining customer satisfaction throughout our work to ensure minimum disruption to the public - this ethic in instilled across our business and in particular throughout any customer engagement associated with our work.