Quarterly Awards – Jan 2019

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January 15, 2019

The PBS quarterly staff awards were issued at our stand down meeting with some very worthy winners! All staff encompass the PBS core values with the below award winners:

3rd PLACE & £30 Vouchers goes to Rod for having the idea of bringing in WeTransfer for data sharing and delivery, and also offering his support to the team in areas such as Finance, Office Processing and supporting the Field staff.

2nd PLACE & £100 Vouchers goes to Phil for taking on and learning a lot of different complex tasks which he has picked up quickly and includes the speed and quality of which his work is produced

1st PLACE & £250 Vouchers goes to Keith for his consistently high scores +99% on the quality of his work and also including very few re-visits.

Honourable mentions also go to Stephen for his constant support across all workstreams and for constant chasing of on-site work and for Stuart for the completion of the vast majority of DTQ site visits on top of his normal PBS duties.

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